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So you’re considering a move to Cocoa Beach. You’re already off to an excellent start in finding your dream home … It’s one of the most relaxing places in the country, with a laid back atmosphere and a calming breeze that soothes your soul. Excellent choice. You’ll also find there’s never a shortage of things to do… The climate is perfectly inviting for any adventure – not too hot, not too cold, and it’s also one of the more affordable vacation spots (keep that in mind for future visitors.)

A Few Cocoa Beach Attractions: Go deep-sea fishing, visit the Kennedy Space center, head out on a shopping excursion, a golf outing, or relax at the beach. It’s a step away from Port Canaveral too, where you can hop aboard a cruise liner and take a vacation from your already vacation-esque life.

If you’re looking for your next rental or home to own in Cocoa Beach, don’t settle for anything less than your dream home.

Where a blindfold and a dart may sound like fun amusement for a party, we recommend a more fool-proof method for finding your next home. Just like finding the perfect mate (tall, blue eyes, athletic, for me please) you should be picky with your list of wants and needs.

Print out our 5 Questions to consider upon moving!

1. Cost – Decide up front how much you want to spend. A start could be your:  Income x .3/12, which gives you a more affordable idea of what you could be paying for rent monthly. That’s 30% of your income and a wise choice for most.
2. Amenities: Do you need a pool to survive? A Patio? A porch? Create a list, and number it in order of most to least important. See what properties either check off the most boxes, or hit more of your needs that are on top of the list.
3. Maintenance. Realistically, what are you going to have to do to maintain the home. Is it older – will big issues arise with big-ticket items like the air conditioner or plumbing? Are you going to have to mow? Ask your self how “high-maintenance’ of a home you want!
4. The view. Where does the sun rise in the morning? What is the view out your windows? Do you like what you see not only in your home, but around it?
5. Neighborhood. Visit the property at different times – morning, night, weekday, weekend. Who do you see? What is the traffic like? What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in?

We currently have listings for many homes for rent or to own in Cocoa Beach. Check them out here.
Now that you have your checklist, you should be able to spot your dream home!

Happy hunting.

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