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Preparing your properties for leasing season? Do you need help preparing your properties? Call Property Management Pros!

May is just around the corner, and it’s the month that marks the beginning of the leasing season. It’s the time of year property managers need to put their best foot forward and to prepare for the increase of traffic through their vacancies. There are tons of things a property manager can do to entice new and current tenants. Here are a few things to prepare.

Keep Tenants Involved:

Before the weather gets too hot for the summer months, be sure to take advantage of your property’s upkeep. Note in your newsletter for tenants to check over some maintenance updates like weatherproofing windows and doors, fire alarm battery replacements, faucet and piping leaks, or outdoor visual inspections. This is not only a good way to fix property issues, but also to reconnect and engage your tenants a little more.

Upgrade Your Process:

We all know how technology and digital processes have become a more standardized process in the property management industry. This year is another opportunity to embrace it! Provide and update the technology side of your business. Try tenant online screening, keep your tenants up to date, and provide new opportunities like e-applications and e-signature. The whole purpose of this practice is to streamline your process and to make business not only convenient for your customers, but easier on you as a property manager. It’s also a good leg-up on competition.

Spring Cleaning:

In case you didn’t already know, this is the best opportunity to give your property management business the update you know it deserves. Take the time and invest in opportunities to put your business’ best foot forward. Be sure to update your web sites, blogs, and social media pages, hit those back burner maintenance projects, and tidy up your properties spic and span.

So take the time, invest the money, make the effort, and you will see thriving results. If you need any assistance, Property Management Pros can help you manage your properties with all of these tasks in mind! Call us today and we’ll be sure to get you and your business through this year’s leasing rush. Fill out our contact form below, or call us at (321)250-9200!

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