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Think of the last interview you went on. Were you eager to display all your weaknesses, and call out all the ways you fall short? Did you bring up all the times in life that you failed, hit the struggle bus, or weren’t doing so hot?

Of course not! Just like when real estate agents show you a property, they want to show it to you in the best light. But, if you feel like they are being sneaky or withholding information, perhaps they are! Realtors are unable to discuss certain things due to the fair housing act, and can avoid frank talk on neighborhood demographics and crime rates. Agents are not allowed to give information that could “steer you” from a property in a discriminating manner. Make sure you come ready with a list of questions that can be answered about the home, and be ready to do research on your own too!

Here are some questions to consider when selecting your next rental home:

Questions you can ask:

Get the Appliances/Amenities you want. 

The price of rent reflects a lot of factors, including the appliances and amenities available in the property. Be realistic about your budget, know what you need, and know what you are paying for! Bring a check list when you view a home. And if you are paying for certain amenities/appliances, make sure they are functioning well!

-What is the condition of the appliances, and are they energy efficient?

-If there is a fireplace, was it cleaned recently?

-Is there a washer & dryer? If not, what does it cost to rent them?

-Is there a dishwasher?

-How are the utilities split up (gas or electric?) and what does an average month look like?

-Is garbage and water included?


Exterior Maintenance:

-Who is in charge of maintaining the exterior of the property?



– How is the cell phone reception in the house? Test it out!

-How about the water pressure? Turn the shower on and see for yourself!

-Are there any leaky faucets that can rack up the water bill?

-Are the proper safety alarms including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, or burglar systems present?

-Are there any repairs that absolutely need attention before move in?



-First and foremost, is the community safe? Check out some statistics for yourself on or

-Has the property ever been burgled or damaged?

-How long were the last tenants there and why did they leave?

-Are there any community rules?


After getting the basics from your real estate agent, make sure you do your research and find out for yourself exactly what you’re getting into!

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